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Maximizing Your Benefits: Top Veteran Insurance Discounts in America

As a thank you for their invaluable service, many insurance companies in the United States offer generous discounts to veterans and active-duty military personnel. These discounts can lead to substantial savings on insurance premiums for a variety of services, from car and home insurance to health and life insurance. Some of the best-known providers offer excellent veteran insurance discounts.

Applying for Veteran Insurance Discounts 

Before you select a company/policy offering veteran or active military discounts, it is important to know the steps involved.  

Contact Insurance Providers

Reach out to insurance providers directly, either online or by phone, to ask about their veteran discount offerings. Remember to explore all types of insurance you might need, such as auto, home, and life insurance.

Compare Options

Every provider offers different discounts, so it’s important to shop around to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Provide Proof of Service

Be prepared to provide proof of your military service. This may include a military ID, DD Form 214, Veterans ID Card, or other documentation.

Complete An Application

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you’ll generally need to fill out an application. This typically includes providing personal information, details about what you want to insure (like your home or car), and information about your military service.

Policy Review

After submitting the application, the insurance company will review the details. They may request additional information or clarification on certain points.

Finalize the Policy

Once approved, you’ll need to review the policy details, agree to the terms, and make your first payment. Be sure to confirm that your veteran’s discount has been applied.

Continuous Verification 

Some insurance providers may require periodic verification of your continued eligibility for the veteran discount. Make sure you understand the requirements to avoid any disruptions or changes to your policy.

Top Insurance Companies Offering Veteran Insurance Discounts 

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Below are some of the top providers in the space and a little bit more detail on their veteran insurance discount offers. As always, we recommend shopping around and comparing providers. If you have specific questions, you can always call or chat on their website to get exact answers before making any decisions. 

Remember, factors such as the veteran’s age, state of residence, and specific service history can all impact the discounts available, so it’s a good idea to speak directly with the insurance provider for the most accurate and up-to-date information for you and your family.

Let’s get into the top companies offering veteran insurance discounts!  


The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is known for providing a range of discounted insurance options specifically tailored to the needs of military service members, veterans, and their families. Their services range from auto to home to life insurance. They also offer auto loans, mortgages and other retirement and banking solutions. 

USAA is first on our list due to its consistent, high-quality customer service and competitively priced policies.

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI)

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) is another company that specifically caters to military families. Founded on the principle of veterans serving veterans, AFI offers comprehensive home, auto, and personal property insurance at competitive rates.

AFI has partnerships with top-rated insurance companies and helps active and retired military personnel get the best insurance rates they can, saving them time and money! 


GEICO is well known for offering a 15% discount on total car insurance premiums for active duty military, veterans (retired or honorably discharged), and National Guard or Reserve members. They also offer Emergency Deployment Discounts to military members when they deploy into imminent danger pay areas. GEICO also extends its membership discounts to a few other organizations, such as the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) and the Navy League of the United States (NLUS). 

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance is another provider known for recognizing the sacrifices made by veterans and is well-known for being military-friendly. Their discounts extend to active duty and reserves, retired and honorably discharged veterans. Their auto insurance discount rates are dependent on driving records and location. 


Progressive is on our list because it does technically offer a military discount, but you have to live in the state of Louisiana to qualify. Active military or actively deployed personnel from Louisiana are eligible for a 25% discount. While it is a hefty discount, the only downside is it’s only available in one state. It also is only available to active personnel; this discount does not apply to veterans. 


Allstate is similar to Progressive and only offers discounts for active duty personnel that live in or are deployed from Louisiana. This 25% discount also applies to spouses or dependents that are based in Louisiana if their active duty soldier is deployed out of state or overseas. 

Health Insurance Discounts

While not as widely advertised as auto insurance discounts, health insurance discounts are also available to veterans. Many health insurance companies offer specialized plans or discounts for veterans. Call or check with your current healthcare provider to see what options are available. 

Don’t forget to check with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) directly, as they offer several healthcare programs for eligible veterans. Eligible veterans receive comprehensive healthcare benefits, which may include free or low-cost medical, dental, and mental health services.

However, if you want to explore private health insurance options, either to supplement VA benefits or if you don’t qualify for VA healthcare, here are a few avenues available. 


For retired military personnel and their families, TRICARE is a government-provided health insurance program that offers comprehensive coverage. This includes coverage for health, dental, mental health, reproductive health, vision and pharmacy needs.  

While not a discount program, TRICARE’s rates are often lower than those of private insurers.

Medicaid, Medicare and State Programs 

Some states have programs to help veterans and their families get low-cost or free health insurance through Medicaid. For veterans over the age of 65 or with certain disabilities, Medicare can be an affordable health insurance option.

Healthcare Marketplaces 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, veterans can explore their options on the healthcare marketplaces during the Open Enrollment period or a Special Enrollment period if they qualify. Depending on income, they may be eligible for subsidies that can lower the cost of premiums.

Life Insurance Discounts

Here are a few providers that offer life insurance discounts to active duty and veterans. 


USAA is a standout choice when considering life insurance, as its policies are specifically tailored to meet the needs of military personnel and veterans. They provide a wide range of coverage options that can be customized based on individual needs and budgets.


Prudential offers the Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) program, allowing veterans to convert their existing Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) to a civilian program, up to $400,000. Unlike other providers, Prudential’s VGLI does not require a health review, so even veterans with service-related injuries can get coverage.


The American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) offers life insurance and survivor assistance services. They offer life insurance, wealth management and mortgage discounts for military personnel and their families. AAFMAA also provides value-added services like survivor assistance to guide families through the benefits process in case of a member’s death.

Navy Mutual Aid Association

Navy Mutual provides life insurance and annuity products for military members, including veterans. 

Their life insurance covers members of the: 

  • Army 
  • Marines 
  • Navy 
  • Air Force 
  • Space Force 
  • Coast Guard 
  • US Public Service 
  • US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 

They do not have military service restrictions, combat exclusions, or terrorism clauses. As an added bonus, the insurance premium will not increase due to deployment or hazardous duty.

If you currently have insurance with a different company not on our list, it doesn’t mean they don’t offer discounts. Feel free to check in with your agent and ask if there are available discounts for active or retired military personnel. Insurance companies are always changing their policies, and it never hurts to ask what current policy discounts are available. 

While this list is a good starting point, it’s essential to research, compare, and consult with a trusted advisor or insurance agent to find the right fit for you and your family’s needs.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to our veterans and active-duty military personnel. Your sacrifices ensure our safety and the preservation of our freedoms. Know that you have earned these discounts and benefits, and you should not hesitate to use them.

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